1. Coming soon to an 80s tv station near you, it’s “Rad Dad”…oh wait, no that’s just @rphansen47 in his new sweater.

  2. Nutribullet in hand (courtesy of @rphansen47) and I’m off to my first of three photoshoots of the day! #leggo

  3. Post dog park problems.

  4. Handmade valentines from Ashlee & Sheri! #loveisintheair #heygirl (at Anderson Advertising & Public Relations)

  5. New desk! New job! It’s been quite the Tuesday. Make what matters happen.

    #growingup2014 #agencylife (at Anderson Advertising & Public Relations)

  6. Mini creme brûlée, chocolate s’more & chocolate covered strawberry.

    So full and also frozen with happiness at this day.

  7. Oh heeeellllllooooooo…

    And here I thought Disneyland couldn’t get better.

    #hendersonwedding #CAAdventure #beer #beeroclock

  8. I’m leeeeeaving on a jet plane
    Be back tomorrow eve-e-ning!

    Bachelorette party bound to meet @Kellylfast, @nicnak104 & the bridal party at DISNEYLAND!


  9. I’ve been very overwhelmed lately. Drowning in what I’ve committed to do, what I have to do, what I need to do and what I want to do. But one thing I can’t give up is this. Waking up to snuggle in with Ryan and Luna and watch the Today Show. It’s 100% my favorite part of each day. Just leisure and love. Today I am going to try harder to be wherever I am and not be overwhelmed with guilt from all the other things that also need my attention. I need to simplify and focus so these moments can continue to make my life one I love.

  10. Doing a segment on Your Life A to Z with HALO Animal Rescue as a part of Desert Schools’ #ShineOnAZ program. #prlife #puppies #unreal (at KTVK 3TV, KASW CW6, azfamily.com)